The energy price cap on standard and default tariffs is set to fall by a typical £84/yr from October. Yet many can still save £250+/yr by switching, so don't be fooled, do a full market comparison now. 

PS. Want to be one of the first to try the new MSE Autoswitch? We’ve been developing a unique new service, our auto-compare-and-switch. We’ll select the top tariffs for you based on your priorities, then annually switch you to your top tariff based on those priorities – you just approve it with a click. We’ll be doing a big launch later this year, but it’s up and running now if you want to try it. If you already have an account you can log in here to try it, if not you can register for MSE Autoswitch – or see our Autoswitch FAQs for more info.

How it works

We take the hard work out of switching energy. Just sign up, tell us what your current energy tariff is and we'll tell you if you're overpaying. Then, as many tariffs are only cheap in the short-term, we'll monitor the market and email you if you can save.

Can't be bothered to switch for a £20 saving? Tell us what you will switch for and we'll only email when you can save that amount. Bingo! It'll all be filled in for you - just click the button.

And all this for free - we'll never charge you for using Cheap Energy Club.

Why we're doing this

For a very simple reason. We've been shouting when to switch energy (and when not to) forever, in our Cheap Gas & Electricity guide. Yet you tell us it's complicated and a hassle!

So you've inspired us to build a tool that strips the effort out. We'll hold your hand through the process and make sure you're ALWAYS on the best tariff so you're CONSTANTLY getting a cheap price (it's different for everyone).

The difference between standard tariffs and the cheapest can be £100s a year.

Do we make money from this?

Some suppliers pay comparisons and collective schemes, so we give roughly half of this back as cashback - that's £25 for a dual-fuel switch and £12.50 for single fuel.

Much of the rest pays our data & switch suppliers, pays the team who work on this, and hopefully leaves some profit.

It's completely free for you to sign up to and use Cheap Energy Club, and as always, we only ever write based on our legally binding editorial independence.

We compare ALL UK energy providers' tariffs, including:

It's designed to fix the problem that when you switch tariff, you risk that provider upping its rates. Even if it doesn't, the cheap rate normally only lasts 18 months or so before it ramps prices. That means it's hard work to stick with the cheapest. So we're going to do that work for you. There's a three step process to it:

Step 1. We find you the cheapest deal. Register for the Club and we'll check you're on the cheapest deal. If you are, great - move to step 2. If not, it'll do a full market comparison to find the cheapest (with lots of guidance) and we'll handle the switch for you. Plus to encourage you, there's up to £25 cashback if you switch via the Club, which you wouldn't get direct.

Step 2. In the background, each month we do a comparison for you. Energy prices change - yours may hike, others could get cheaper. So without you doing anything, whether you switched or not, from then on we do a comparison for you in the background each month, to check you're still on the cheapest deal.

Step 3. Alert you when it's worth switching again. You tell us what 'worth it' means. If you tell us you want to save £100/yr once you can we'll email you; and without you entering new info (unless it's changed), we'll tell you what the cheapest is, and let you shift at speed.

Absolutely not. The tariffs you see in the results are the same as the tariffs and prices you'd pay if you went direct to the supplier.

While we often get paid when users switch via us, this cash comes from supplier's marketing budgets, there's no difference in the price you'd get via us and the price you get direct. In fact, we'll even pay you cashback when you switch via us as we want to encourage switching.

The calculator estimates your current energy usage based on your annual kWh usage, bill amount or Low/Medium/High user data you input.

It takes (or calculates) your current kWh usage by comparing the data you supply to the unit costs associated with your current tariff. Next, this is multiplied against the kWh unit costs of other tariffs provided by other suppliers in your area.

Any additional savings offered by the supplier based on payment types are also taken into account. The estimated annual savings figure is calculated by subtracting the cost of the other tariffs with alternative suppliers from your current costs.

Comparison calculations are never spot on, especially if you've estimated your usage but it's the best way to find your cheapest tariff, and certainly better than listening to your supplier, or the salesman at the supermarket.

Don't worry too much about switching. Only customer service, billing and, most importantly, prices change. The pipes, circuits, wires, safety coverage and actual gas and electricity flowing through your home are all the same.

The new supplier performs the switch, and all you do is take a final meter reading. Of course, there've been many switching horror stories and sadly these still happen. But for most, it's a smooth process.

We'll email you every step of the way so you know what's happening. You'll get an email when you've applied for a switch, or if it's rejected you (possible but not common) we'll let you know.

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